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    Drama on set of “Jack Boyz” movie loses director

    Drama on set of “Jack Boyz” movie loses director This is just all bad news today for fans of the movie “Jack Boyz.” Apparently, the top secret director of Jack Boyz can’t take Macc Dundee’s perfectionist attitude on set. “They were screaming and yelling at each other for 20 plus minutes.” a source close to […]

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    Bigfoot is not real! or is he?

    Ahead of its exclusive reveal on icizzle.com, we’re happy to bring you this first-look for In Hiding  A Bigfoot Story, a comedy, adventure movie that’s coming to youtube on October 29th. From directors Charlie Estepp and iCizzle, and writers Mark Vermont and Charlie Cogburn comes this comedic tale about 3 friends in search of Bigfoot. But as you might have guessed from […]

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    “Get It Right” Macc Dundee Puts Longevity Over Gimmicks

    Everyone who goes to Los Angeles to make it in show business has their own story but Dundee’s is the kind they make movies about. It also embodies the hustler’s spirit that is in any real artist’s DNA.

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    Music video shoot estimated at $100K for “I’m On” by Macc Dundee

    I’m on by Macc Dundee music video shoot estimated at $100K Talk about lifestyles of the rich and famous. we sent a reporter to the music video for Macc Dundee’s new single “I’m On” which features a slew of talent, music video directors, and $2,000 bottles of Patron? Yes you read that right, $2,000 for […]

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    Paternity Test Proves Macc Dundee Isn’t Father Of Woman’s Son

    Dundee was ordered to pay $5,000 a month to Watson, but claims he was never served legal papers. The rapper also alleges that he never had sex with the woman.

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    Alarms in homes being set off by J-Shep’s My Thoughts album

    J-Shep’s My Thoughts album is setting off alarms in homes It’s been reported that J-Shep’s new album My Thoughts has been setting off home alarms. apparently, the song Get with me which is written by Milkshake singer Kelis set off a home alarm on May 8th around 12:48am. The police where called in to investigate […]

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    Macc Dundee Reportedly Suing Woman For Fraud & Defamation

    Despite his polarizing public persona, Dundee’s music continues to do well. His most recent project, Subliminal Mind Music, debuted at #1 on the Northwest Mecca Radios Chart, marking his first chart-topping album.

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    Audience members walk out on new web series Bagman

    Audience members walk out on new web series Bagman the seats were full and the audience in the retirement community was ready. the ten episode web series totals to around 45 minutes and maybe that is to long for this audience. reports of audience members walking out as they waved they hands in disgust. “It […]

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