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    “Jack Boyz” movie undergoes another script change

    The hotly anticipated movie “Jack Boyz” sees yet another production halt, as the screenplay gets another rewrite. This is the 3rd time in 3 years, rewrites have taken place. It’s rumored that perfectionist Macc Dundee wants the script perfect. “It’s all in your script” Dundee continues “that’s where hollywood movies get it wrong. If you […]

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    Did iCizzle’s nose really fall off?

    Ian Cranston, who directed iCizzle’s ‘’Becoming iCizzle’’ and ‘iCizzle Presents Dog Ids’’ videos, called iCizzle ‘’the phantom of the opera’’ because he alleged he had no nose behind the surgical mask he wore and he also said that though iCizzle was begging him to work on a film with him, he refused because he could not stand watching what iCizzle had done to his face.

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    Macc Dundee retires rap with “Motivation”

    Macc Dundee tells gossip pimp that African Children need help. Installing clean water units for safe filtered water. Keeping up standards is a must and if we can keep people hydrated we can change the world. Macc told a close friends some weeks ago. Nutrition is key to a child’s development.

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    Becoming iCizzle DVD sells on Ebay for $900

    Becoming iCizzle DVD sells on Ebay for $900 The first and original copy of the DVD for cult classic Becoming iCizzle has sold for an estimated $900 on Ebay. Apparently, the DVD is so rare and has iCizzle’s signature on it. the DVD itself is one that iCizzle burned and printed out himself before he […]

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    Macc Dundee donates over 100 turkeys to the homeless

    This isn’t the first time Dundee has given back. Last Thanksgiving he gave a struggling family a mercedes-benz. The Christmas before he gave a house to a homeless family. “The man just doesn’t stop giving!” A witness who watched as Dundee gave keys to a brand new home to a homeless family.

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    Drama on set of “Jack Boyz” movie loses director

    Drama on set of “Jack Boyz” movie loses director This is just all bad news today for fans of the movie “Jack Boyz.” Apparently, the top secret director of Jack Boyz can’t take Macc Dundee’s perfectionist attitude on set. “They were screaming and yelling at each other for 20 plus minutes.” a source close to […]

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    Bigfoot is not real! or is he?

    Ahead of its exclusive reveal on icizzle.com, we’re happy to bring you this first-look for In Hiding  A Bigfoot Story, a comedy, adventure movie that’s coming to youtube on October 29th. From directors Charlie Estepp and iCizzle, and writers Mark Vermont and Charlie Cogburn comes this comedic tale about 3 friends in search of Bigfoot. But as you might have guessed from […]

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    “Get It Right” Macc Dundee Puts Longevity Over Gimmicks

    Everyone who goes to Los Angeles to make it in show business has their own story but Dundee’s is the kind they make movies about. It also embodies the hustler’s spirit that is in any real artist’s DNA.

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