The DNA results of Comedian Tommy Chunn are in!

It’s November 16th at 12 o’clock and the results are in! We reported last week that comedian Tommy Chunn was undergoing come DNA test at a little known lab in Detroit. Well, the results may shock you. we’ll get back to them in a second.

On the street we interviewed a few people in the bars and pubs “Tommy Chunn is Asian!” one fan is upset by the news. “It’s not right! The media just blows everything out of proportion.” Another fan was a little more curious about the results. “I couldn’t imagine what it would be like to have your heritage taken away by a DNA test.” Even more famous celebrities wanted to weigh in on Tommy Chunn. 

Comics Unleashed (TV Series)

Tommy Chunn has been in over 100 TV shows and appearances. Some of the notable ones are: Sister, Sister, I Got The Hook-up!, Foolish, Def Jam Comedy, Russell Simmons HBO Comedy Specials, Martin Lawerence 1st Amendment Standup.

The results came in today around 12 noon via text message. A nervous Tommy Chunn waited and stayed still as the text message was delivered to his phone. The message read “Tommy Chunn is from Asian Descent. DNA Proves his dad was Asian.” A happy and relieved Tommy Chunn sighs and laughs. Tommy just shakes his head “You know, I would of never thought my last name would cause so much controversy.”