Alarms in homes being set off by J-Shep’s My Thoughts album

J-Shep’s My Thoughts album is setting off alarms in homes

It’s been reported that J-Shep’s new album My Thoughts has been setting off home alarms. apparently, the song Get with me which is written by Milkshake singer Kelis set off a home alarm on May 8th around 12:48am. The police where called in to investigate the home but when they hear J-Shep they had a feeling it was a false alarm. Another alarm went off the same day at 10:37am and the police was called once again. “The owners of the house left playing J-Shep’s Get with me” one witness stated. “The police seemed to like the song” another witness claims.

Was it the high note in the song “Get with Me” that set the motion alarm off? let us know what you think and if you’ve had the same problem with your alarm system.