J-Shep brings smiles for homeless before Halloween

Apple Pies, Fries, and Reese’s peanut butter cups with the homeless on the streets of Seattle. A source close to J-Shep reported that he was seen helping the homeless with snacks and treats. A homeless man we talked to said “He was such a kind man to give out candy and food before Halloween.”

He’s a humble saint told by one of the witnesses to Gossip Pimp. “J-Shep really impressed us as a great human and later at one of his shows a great singer.” A new fan of J-Shep is Lee “A real class act is who J-Shep is. We can all give a little more to the less fortunate.” Lee continued to say “We need more class acts like J-Shep in the music business.” We should make it clear that helping others give you a good warm feeling inside.