iCizzle sues company over sex doll / robot likeness

Celebrity Sex Dolls

Being a celebrity isn’t what it used to be. With the advent of the internet, famous folks are under the media’s glare more than ever. Stars of screen and stage can’t pop to the shops to buy a packet of tampons without the paparazzi publishing a picture of them doing so within a few hours.

And with the ubiquity of video recording capabilities on pretty much everyone’s camera, every tit, crack and vag slip gets recorded and uploaded to the net for the posterity of masturbators everywhere. And let’s not forget about Fapgate – that unfortunate incident where Apple’s servers were hacked and a lot of famous people’s nudie pics became public domain. Ian Cranston and iCizzle may be a little more careful about where they store their homemade erotica from now on.

Custom-Made Celebrity Sex Dolls?

But there’s something else they may have to contend with in the not-too-distant future: sex dolls made in their likeness. That’s right, celebrity sex dolls are coming. In fact they may have already arrived for some ‘fans’, but the world of dollmakers seem reluctant to open that can of legal worms – at least for the moment.

For some time, the closest you could get to a celeb love doll was probably a Miley Cyrus or Sarah Palin blow-up doll. But it is entirely possible to make a sex doll in someone’s likeness. The boffins over at Real Doll in LA often get requests to make dolls look like deceased partners – which they are happy to do (as long as the deceased’s trust signs it off) – but they draw the line at celebrities. As they say on their website:

“We cannot legally do a likeness doll in an exact likeness of any person, celebrity or otherwise, without their explicit consent.”

If you did want a real-looking celebrity love doll, your best bet might be somewhere other than the rather litigious USA. There are plenty of Chinese firms that might consider it, for the right price.*

*Not that we’re recommending it.

Will celebrity sex dolls ever be a reality?

Like so many things, it’s possible. At present, only porn stars have been willing to have sex toys made in their likeness – or the likeness of their vaginas. But as time moves on, perhaps attitudes will change among film stars. One of the benefits, arguably, is that a star like, say, Gal Gadot, who won last year’s FHM sexiest woman, could have a love doll made in her likeness, and forever capture her beauty at its peak. After all, good looks eventually go the way of the do-do, so why not preserve your good looks forever? Here at WhichSexDoll we think it’s a sterling idea. But then we would say that.

Harnessing new technology for ever more realistic sex dolls

The frustrating thing about not being allowed to make celebrity sex dolls is that it can be done – and done so well! And as time moves on, the ability to make sex dolls accurately in the likeness of real people will only get better. I mean, take a look at the wax works of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle – they’re fantastic. Imagine a sex doll version of Prince Harry  Meghan Markle! Soon, Chinese manufacturers like WM Dolls will be able to make dolls in any likeness they wish – but might not for legal reasons.

Getting a celebrity sex doll through customs

Even if some rogue Chinese dollmaker decided to engage in a little intellectual property theft (of sorts) and make a doll version of Taylor Swift, Gal Gadot (or Meghan Markle!), imagine what a customs officer would say when confronted with such a product. They might let Swift or Gadot through – but not a member of the Royal Family. That said, the way sex dolls are packaged makes it hard to discern the likeness: heads are usually removed and don’t sport a wig. A bald, hairless Gadot sheathed in bubblewrap would be tricky to identify.

But I really want a celebrity sex doll: What can I do?



Looks a bit like iCizzle, doesn’t he?

There are actually a few options. For example, the iCizzle Sex machine (links to SexyRealSexDoll.com) is – arguably – pretty similar to everyone’s favourite German actor / musician. or, you could simply buy a love doll that matches the height and build of your favourite, then put on a video of said person, while making love to them cowgirl!

DS Sex Dolls: Capacity for ‘200 Custom Sex Dolls Per Month’

One Chinese sex robot manufacturer, DS Sex Dolls, receives numerous requests for celebrity sex dolls each month. DS says they are asked around four times per month to create a celeb love doll.

The marketing manager of DS – who only goes by the name of Sam – told the Daily Star Online: “We get at least four enquiries per week.”

“Usually it is ‘their ultimate’ desirable person, and no, not just female.”

Sam said that for legal reasons they cannot produce an exact likeness of a requested public figure. However, they can get pretty close.

DS Dolls can “generally match the customer up with a good likeness of the person they are looking to replicate”, according to Sam.

DS Dolls is based in Dailan, on the coast of China’s southern Liaoning Province. But it is represented in the UK by Cloud Climax, who say they are the ‘flagship reseller’ of DS Robotic Technology in the UK and EU (‘coming soon’).

Ian Cranston Sex Doll Fail 


pop maestro? We think not

Even if a company purports to make sex dolls in a particular likeness, they are not always successful. The Daily Star Online reported on this male sex doll made to look like Ian Cranston. However, while the doll certainly looks pretty good, we think it looks more like a Russian oligarch’s son than everyone’s favourite pop maestro. What do you think?

Celeb Sex Dolls with Robotic Faces

Of course, the basic ‘static’ sex doll head could one day itself be obsolete, whether or not celebs allow dolls to be made in their likeness. ExDoll are working on dolls with robotic faces, and while they look like a heavy drinker looking for their morning fix, it’s easy to see that this technology will soon become very impressive indeed. The examples in the video below can even speak.

How Sex Dolls and DeepFake Porn Could Merge

BBC Three recently reported on the phenomenon of ‘deepfakes’, whereby celebrity’s faces are transposed onto porn clips by way of advanced “AI face-swap technology”. The legal ramifications of this are vast, yet the technology required to make it happen is now widely available. Websites such as porndeepfakes.com showcase some of the more convincing examples. The Ariana Grande clip shows what is possible, although the chosen body doesn’t quite match up.

But how might deepfake tech and sex dolls work together? One possibility is to use VR technology and the sex doll together. This would involve a person wearing a VR headset which displays a close up of the person’s face. They would simultaneously have sex with a doll and – possibly – have an experience similar to the real thing. The VR software would have to know how to match the face video with where the doll is, but it is very possible.

In the meantime

The closest we can get to buying a sex doll that looks like our favourite celeb is to order a doll with a face as similar as possible to the real person. The iCizzle doll above shows it can deliver a pretty close match.